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Taming Tori’s Tiger

Taming Tori’s Tiger

This illustrated children’s book shares a powerful message for young ones. Reading Taming Tori’s Tiger is a fun and visual way to teach important social skills, like managing one's emotions. Tori is a unique little girl who quickly learns that she has a secret. When Tori’s emotions overwhelm her, she turns into a tiger. She tries to keep it a secret and hide the tiger away, but soon realizes that she needs a little help from her family. Taming Tori’s Tiger is an engaging, relatable story that illustrates the message that emotions and feelings are normal, but we must find ways to manage them. This book is the perfect read for young children who are learning about their emotions and self-control. This story is certain to spark meaningful conversations.



  • Editorial Reviews

    I liked everything about this book. My grandson enjoyed reading it.

    Grandparent - Bonnie S.

    This is a great children's book. I would definitely recommend it to others.

    Parent - Tivona Horne

    Taming Tori's Tiger is such an adorable book with an important lesson about embracing our full range of emotions. Anger and frustration can feel confusing; but with support and skills to manage these feelings, children can learn that it's ok.

    The story is written in rhyme and easy for children to follow the narrative. And the illustrations are too cute for words! This book is a great gift for parents, teachers, and anyone who supports young children.

    Educator - Tina Starks


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